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  1. Mitchell
    May 30, 2011

    Wonderful set of tips! Straightforward and easy to follow! Many thanks.

    • Charles
      September 27, 2011

      Well its be a time since i have been in the bush and i found the orientiering to be bang on. There is how ever a but in there,you should never travel alone, and if you happen to think you are some kind of an wilderness wizard, always tell some one of your destination,and when you think you will be back. TIP, always carry natches in a water proof container,i would also suggest carrying a mirror, i believe that you should be able to buy a metal one at a surplus store,another thing is a good magnifieing glass. One other thing that you should also have wiyh you is Birtch bark,this will burn even when wet,well that is enough for now,find out some of these secrest for your self, you will most likely have to experiment BUT dont wait until you get your self in a bind,see if it will work at home in your fire pit. lots of luck Charles

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