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  1. Debashis Ray
    December 24, 2011

    Dear Mr Scott,
    Really enjoyed reading your article. Had not noticed that the primaries are bent in birds with short flights and low aspect ratio wings. Think the line of feathers (this is the first time I have seen this presented) should have been reversed, as the primaries are on the right on the wing above.
    A mention on why primary feathers are asymmetric, while tail feathers are symmetrical about the rachis would have added to the information. The reader could pick up a stray feather and gauge whether it was a wing or a tail feather, and whether it came from the right or left wing from this.
    Perhaps you could have also mentioned the reason for the tips of primary feathers being dark in color, irrespective of the color of the rest of the feather. This however is not directly relevant to filght, but to wear and tear.

    Felt educated after reading your article.
    Thank you,
    Debashis Ray, Kolkata, India.
    Thank you.

  2. Tori
    May 9, 2014

    I get that the law was passed to protect migratory birds from being exploited. But I think this law goes too far. It’s ridiculous that you can’t pick up a feather you found on the ground and take it home for your own pleasure. And if you ever get caught, the government doesn’t have to prove you hurt the bird to get the feather/nest/bone; it’s “proof” enough that you just have that item.

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