Outdoor Safety Tips

Forage, Cook and Eat Wild Foods!
Wild foods recipes, herbal home remedies, foraging tips and more…

Why would you want to eat wild foods? Because they are delicious and nutritious!

They are even more delicious when you have great recipes. We’ll even have wild game recipes as well.

Also, making your own herbal home remedies is also a great way to increase your health as you build connection to your local place.


Poisonous Mushrooms

A common pastime of outdoor enthusiasts is collecting edible mushrooms. This endeavor must be pursued with great caution since mistaking a poisonous mushroom for one that is edible can cost you your life. There are many old wives tales that would have you believe that there are easy ways to avoid poisonous mushrooms through blanket […]


Survival Foods: Plants – cattail, conifers, grasses and acorns

Ever wondered what kinds of survival foods you could eat if you were caught in a survival situation? When I first came to Washington state all I could see was a wall of green plants. I knew nothing about what I could and could not eat if I were to get lost in the woods. […]


Survival Hunting Tips

To endure the extreme conditions of a survival situation, animal fats and proteins must be eaten regularly, and survival hunting is an essential skill. Such situations are a drain on a person’s energy. Potentially inclement weather forces your body to metabolize calories at an increased rate to stay warm, and performing the physical tasks needed […]

Fish spear_4

Spear Fishing for Survival

Why a Fish Spear? Grrrrroonk, grrrroooonk is a sound I hear quite frequently near lakes and ponds where I live in Western Washington. It is the telltale sound of a bullfrog. This species is highly invasive to Washington state and they will wipe out any smaller animal in their path so it is legal to […]

Honey Cough Syrup

Herbal Honey, Herbal Syrup and Cough Drops

In this lesson we turn to the herbal pharmacy, to make healing sweets: herbal honey, herbal syrup, and cough drops. Honey Honey has been regarded as a healing substance for thousands of years. Greek healers relied on honey water, vinegar water, and honey/vinegar water as their primary cures. An Egyptian medical text dated to about […]

Herbal Home Remedies Herbal Vinegars

Herbal Vinegars – Part 2

Aromatic Delights from your Garden Part One of this article explained herbal vinegars’ many potent qualities as herbal home remedies, and reviewed the basic tools and simple process of making herbal vinegars. A journey into the author’s garden illustrated how we can reap nature’s rewards and harvest numerous herbs for herbal vinegars. Now, we get […]

Herbal Home Remedies Herbal Vinegars

Herbal Vinegars – Part 1

Herbal Vinegars: Aromatic Delights from your Garden A pantry full of herbal vinegars is a constant delight. Preserving fresh herbs and roots in vinegar is an easy way to capture their nourishing goodness. It’s easy too. You don’t even have to have an herb garden. BASIC HERBAL VINEGAR Takes 5 minutes plus 6 weeks to […]

Seaweed Recipes: Kelp Energy Bars

Kelp Energy Bars: Seaweed Recipes

We found ourselves making these kelp energy bars so much this time last year, we thought it would be the perfect recipe to share with you. Kelp energy bars are easy to make, and the perfect snack for the colder months when your body craves more nutrient dense foods.  They also make a great holiday […]

Herbal Tea Remedies

Herbal Tea Remedies

In your herbal pharmacy you transform fresh and dried plants into natural herbal remedies, and making herbal tea remedies are a great way to do this. Learning to identify and use the common plants around you is easy and exciting, beneficial and safe. Making your own natural herbal remedies saves you money if you follow […]

Dandelion Tea Recipe

Dandelion Tea Recipe

It’s that time of year again: The time when I dream of eating a hearty bowl of venison-chanterelle stew. And while we’re at it, let’s add some homemade bread and a mug of dandelion tea. Now, this isn’t a stew that came from a can or one of those soymilk-looking containers. This is a stew […]