Wilderness Survival Skills to enhance your outdoor experience…

There are some outdoor and wilderness survival skills that you should know that could really save your life. Then again, there are outdoor skills that can really help you out that aren’t necessarily about survival. Therefore, we call them “Wilderness Living Skills.”  Skills to improve your experience outdoors. From wilderness survival skills like how to start a five minute fire in an emergency to wilderness survival tips and outdoor skills like how to operate a wilderness Laundromat, you’ll find it here.


Hide-tanning a Deerskin – Part 1

 This is part one in a two-part series on hide-tanning a deerskin to make buckskin. Look for part two soon.    During my year at Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor School, guest instructor Dan Corcoran taught the class how to use hide-tanning to make a deerskin into buckskin. It was one of my favorite weeks […]


Poisonous Mushrooms

A common pastime of outdoor enthusiasts is collecting edible mushrooms. This endeavor must be pursued with great caution since mistaking a poisonous mushroom for one that is edible can cost you your life. There are many old wives tales that would have you believe that there are easy ways to avoid poisonous mushrooms through blanket […]


How to Build a Coracle

Once humans developed a need to travel on water in order to fish, trade and explore, cultures worldwide created lightweight boats consisting of the skin of an animal stretched over a light frame of wooden poles or strips. One such boat is the coracle. This is a boat of the British Isles and is varied […]


Survival Bow Making

Making a Survival Bow The bow and arrow are effective hunting tools, because they increase the distance between you and your prey, bettering your chances of catching an animal. When in a survival situation, the ability to fashion a survival bow and arrows quickly and from the raw material surrounding you is a skill that […]


Survival Hunting Tips

To endure the extreme conditions of a survival situation, animal fats and proteins must be eaten regularly, and survival hunting is an essential skill. Such situations are a drain on a person’s energy. Potentially inclement weather forces your body to metabolize calories at an increased rate to stay warm, and performing the physical tasks needed […]

Fish spear_4

Spear Fishing for Survival

Why a Fish Spear? Grrrrroonk, grrrroooonk is a sound I hear quite frequently near lakes and ponds where I live in Western Washington. It is the telltale sound of a bullfrog. This species is highly invasive to Washington state and they will wipe out any smaller animal in their path so it is legal to […]


Flintknapping Basics – Part 2

This is the second article in a two-part series on flint knapping basics. Click here to read flint knapping part one. There are two major techniques in flint knapping: percussion flaking and pressure flaking. Both methods utilize a different set of tools, motions, and are used during different stages in the production of stone tools. […]

Survival Water Filter

How to Make a Survival Water Filter

Is it safe to drink this water? I ask myself that question often and most of the time the answer is no. There often is the risk that bacteria, chemicals and pathogens, specifically giardia, are in the water. Rainwater or dew that is resting on non-poisonous plants such as moss is safe to drink as […]


Flintknapping for Beginners – Part 1

This is part one in a two-part series on flintknapping basics. Look for part two soon. Before the use of metals, stone was the primary material used to create cutting tools. Stone was shaped to create knives, arrowheads and spearheads, drill points, and hammers using a technique called flintknapping. This method of turning raw stone […]

Flint & Steel

Flint and Steel Fire-making

Flint and steel is a primitive fire-making technique dating back into the Iron Age when steel was first available for this simple and quite effective way to ignite fire. It frequently was used until recently, when matches were invented, making the flint and steel method obsolete. Yet there are many reasons why flint and steel […]