Birds & Bird Calls

Interpreting Bird Calls and Bird Behavior
Learn the Language of the Birds…

We all know bird songs and bird calls are different for each bird, but did you know there is a language of the birds?

How do you think native hunters could move silently through the forest without being detected? How do the animals live so close to us yet go unseen? The thing they have in common is that they understand the language of the birds.

In this section we explore this language of the forest AND we also cover some skills and tips so you can learn more about birds and bird identification to bring them more into your life.

Whether you want to know more about identifying birds; understanding bird calls and bird sounds so you can see more wildlife; or simply wanting to know more about some of the backyard birds of North America and beyond, we hope you will find something here of interest!


Ravens – the birds who talk

A large black bird flies past my window in the near distance, just above the tops of the trees beyond the field behind my house. Between twenty-two and twenty-seven inches long, with a wedge-shaped tail and steady wing beats, I hardly need look at it to know that it is one of the ravens that […]

Bird Skeletons

Bird Language eCourse

7 Days to Understand the Language of the Birds Birdwatching is one of the most popular sports in the world. Yet most birdwatchers aren’t listening at all to the real drama going on all around them in the voices of the birds. You can quickly learn about the Language of the Birds and know whether […]

Homemade Bird Feeders

Homemade Bird Feeders

Bird watching is an engaging and educational hobby that offers a unique blend of excitement and tranquility you won’t find anywhere else.  Although a wide variety of birds will often be seen during a walk or hike, you can observe many of these birds from the comfort of your own home if you simply provide […]

Bird Skeletons

Bird Skeletons & Avian Physiology

Before the advent of airplanes, people mimicked the design of bird skeletons in hopes of achieving the freedom of flight. A great many flapping and gliding contraptions were conceived and tested, endeavors that yielded only a sense of disappointment and a few good lessons about flight dynamics. Others involved in similar experiments were far less […]

Bird Wings

Bird Wings: What’s on a Wing?

For those of us who pursue the mysteries of feathers, and bird wings, questions are numerous and answers are hard to come by. Even a seemingly simple question such as, “Who dropped this feather?” can be a daunting one. With over 900 bird species living in the United States and Canada it is hard to […]

Bird Migration

Bird Migration

A Redstart gleams glossy black and is gone.  Kinglets trickle past me, their high calls scattering south.  Bird migration is in full swing. The birds may be finding their way by seeing the magnetic fields of the earth by virtue of magnetite crystals in their brains, internal compasses that let them perceive magnetism as we […]

Wild Bird Identification: Bird Watching Basics

Wild Bird Identification: Bird Watching Basics

When the sandpipers flew up and bunched together into a swirling flock, Katherine and I knew what to look for. We turned our heads to watch the peregrine falcon scything out of the sky towards the small birds. One straggler could not escape the stoop of the falcon. As the tiny bird fell, stunned by […]

Learn Bird Language from the Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow as a Teacher of Bird Language

Song Sparrow: Melospiza melodia Habitat: Depends on thickets, tall grasses, forbs, yards & abandoned lots ideal. Foraging Habits: Searching ground and shrub level for seeds & invertebrates Range: Common & cosmopolitan, throughout North America Territory Size: ½ to 1½ Acres Personality: Retiring, elusive, yet very expressive & territorial Height Zone: Ground level to lower understory, […]

Black-Capped Chickadee

Black Capped Chickadee

It was a rainy March morning on the University of Washington campus, and I was helping to capture song birds as part of an ongoing research project in the College of Forestry. Six mist-nets were scattered throughout our on-campus study plot, a small patch of woods across from the Forestry buildings. We had to move […]

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

The Ivory Billed Woodpecker: Beyond the Field Guide

An interview with Dr. Jerome Jackson, author of In Search of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, A exclusive. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you encountered something truly odd, unbelievably amazing, or possibly impossible while out in nature? On top of that, what if you could not verify what you observed with information […]